• Rove and Lee Atwater were the bottom feeders of the Republican Party.

    Southern strategy for Atwater. The devious McCain polls instigated in South Carolina by Rove were an unbelievably low for Rove. I don't believe a leopard changes it spots or in Rove's case a skunk doesn't change it's stripe. Everywhere that Rove has been has stunk of his underhanded techniques in politics--the word crook in the dictionary should have his picture beside it.

  • Karl Rove involved in the Watergate Scandal

    I personally think that Karl Rove was involved with the Watergate Scandal he wanted to take care of his people in a way that was between him and them. Karl Rove wanted his Watergate Scandal to be a secret between his people, his people kept his word forever. I personally think that it affected many families as well as friends.

  • He would do anything.

    Yes, I believe that Karl Rove was involved in the Watergate scandal, because is a ruthless politician. Karl Rove is a mastermind that would do anything for his party to get ahead. He would also let someone else take the fall if the action was illegal or looked bad. But I do believe there was evidence he was involved, and that he would do something like that.

  • Karl Rove was a young "trickster" for the Republican Party

    Some argue that Karl Rove was too young to have been involved in the Watergate Scandal. However, despite his young age, he was know to be involved in a republican program designed to teach dirty tricks to other young republicans across the country. In tape recorded conversations, the young Rove admitted to teaching "tricks" such as the incident at the Dixion headquarters. The suspicion that Rove was involved in the Watergate scandal was strong enough to warrant an investigation by the Republican Party chairman George H.W. Bush and the FBI. Those facts alone make it quite plausible that Karl Rove was indeed involved in Watergate.

  • Karl Rove is Overrated

    Karl Rove probably wasn't involved in the Watergate scandal, but his advice to Republicans is greatly overrated. Rove advised the Bush Administration in matters of the Iraq War that led to the senseless deaths of tens of thousands of civilians. Rove is a horrible person who simply wanted to go to war, so what he did was even worse than Watergate.

  • Karl Rove is many things.....

    Even if you do not agree with Karl Rove, accusing him of being involved with Watergate is entirely too far fetched. Even if he was on staff, and had direct knowledge of something incriminating, his position would not allow him to report it to anyone other than the others who have already been implicated as involved(to include the POTUS.) Even if he knew something, said something to his superior, nothing would have been done. His effect on the subsequent scandal is inconsequential. His part could have been played by a half blind monkey and the outcome would have been the same.

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