Do you believe Kenny G's musical genre is smooth jazz (yes) or pop (no)?

  • Kenny G Doesn't Sing

    Although some of Kenny G's music has been a hit on pop charts, most of his instrumental music is smooth jazz. The musician's style is a soothing take on several instruments that are traditionally jazz woodwinds. Kenny G's popularity is huge worldwide, but his regular releases don't make a dent in pop charts.

  • It Is Jazz

    I believe Kenny G's musical genre is smooth jazz, not pop. I generally associate pop with music from a younger crowd that is generally generic and upbeat. I really do not feel that Kenny G fits in with other music in that genre. I feel like he has tried to stay in the jazz genre, for the most part.

  • Most certainly what I would call smooth jazz.

    In my opinion, the shlock that Kenny G honks out is in the genre of smooth jazz. Or, as I like to call it, Muzak 2.0. There are some pop elements to it, as smooth jazz is the genre that borrows heavily from the pop genre. But aside from some late 80's flukes, Mr. G hasn't been on the pop charts.

  • Yes, it's jazz in my opinion

    Kenny G may play pop jazz, but it is jazz and it is smooth. Therefore it is smooth jazz. I don't really like jazz, but I do like Kenny G's music and I think it is definitely jazz, regardless of what jazz purists might think about his particular style of playing.

  • No, it is pop.

    I get more of a pop feel while listening to the music. It's a very debatable but I would say pop. Pop music is what's most popular in today's music culture, so the artist probably thought about this and decided it would be a very wise thing to appeal to more people.

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