Do you believe labels on food that encourage people to eat better would actually help them eat better?

  • Yes: Food Labels Would Help People Eat Better

    Food labeling has the potential to help people eat better, if they learn to become savvy consumers and educated about their health. Labeling genetically modified foods would be of huge help. What people have to realize,though, is that even labels can be misleading. Currently in the US, a product labeled "all natural" can still contain pesticides, genetically modified material, or even naturally derived materials that can still be harmful. Labeling is a good start, but we need people to be more proactive in their own health as well.

  • Labels on food encourage better eating habits

    I do believe if their were educational labels on how to lose weight or help with dieting it would definitely help with the population eating in a better way because it would remind them what can happen if they continue to eat unhealthy and what could happen to their body

  • on food that encourage

    A tax directed at graduates to pay for higher education facilities would be similar to a tax targeting smokers or people who consume gas. Yes, the services were used by the graduate, as in the other cases, but the benefit is not just to the graduate. Taxing an item that they have already paid for through tuition would discourage people from seeking higher education, thus reducing the number of doctors, teachers, accountants, etc.

  • They already know.

    The people who are overweight are so because they choose to not due what they already know they need to do or because they have a diagnosed condition that doesn't allow them to loose the weight. People KNOW that they need to eat right and exercise yet they plant their butts on the couch and eat junk. It's a choice and they choose not to do anything. The ones that do want to loose weight already know that they have to eat right and exercise.

  • People make changes when they are ready to.

    Health warnings or advice, on food products, will not encourage to people to change there diet if they don't want to. People would ignore the label and continue to do what they want to. Cigarette packs have had a warning from the surgeon general, to encourage people to not smoke, for years That warning has hardly been effective. The simple fact is, people will change when they are ready.

  • No They Wouldn't

    I do not believe labels on food that encourage people to eat better would actually make them eat better. I believe these labels wouldn't add much value as the ingredients and nutrition information provide far more information to consumers. The proposed plan sounds like some kind of gimmick, which I doubt would work.

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