Do you believe labor unions have a future in the United States?

  • Yes, unions are going to become increasingly popular very soon.

    I believe that in the very near future, labor unions will increase in popularity and be just as strong as they were years ago. Right now it's an employers market. People are settling for any job just to have a pay check. The only available jobs are part time, with wages barely above the minimum. I think labor unions will definitely be needed to help the working class.

  • More Than Likely

    I believe labor unions will have a future in the United States. We have many employees in America who are being taken advantage of and being treated the wrong way. I think low-wage workers will eventually accept and use labor unions to make sure they are paid fairly and also to receive more benefits. Companies have opted to operate in ways that are not socially responsible. Unions will offer the ability to fix these problems once again.

  • labor unions future

    I believe labor unions don't have a future in the United States. If you bring these kinds of unions that we fought so hard to get away from then what is that saying about our country. It is not a good idea to have these types of unions here in the USA.

  • They are on the outs.

    No, I do not believe that labor unions have a future in the United States, because we have so much regulation that we do not need them anymore. Labor unions were necessary 50 years ago, when we needed them to make sure that people did not die at work. Now, we have pretty good government regulations for that.

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