• We need taboos

    We need taboos. All languages have them. However,they need to be reserved for extreme situations. Used as naseum and they lose all power. We really only have one word left with any real shock value...C.U.N.T. See, shocked weren't you. Any other word has been so overused that it has become just another word.

  • Yes, up to a point.

    Expletives need to be used wisely if they are going to enrich the language. If some emphasis or anger or other emotion is needed, then it helps to use a punchy or even a raunchy word. However, once they are used all the time there is no more emphasis and they lose their value.

  • Language Is Enriched

    I personally think that language is enriched by how individuals speak as well as how they write. I personally think that language is enriched which some people use fowl language and is use to using fowl language. I personally think that impoverished expletives just makes the individual look like they are uneducated or it might be fowl words in which they run to.

  • No, language is impoverished by expletives

    Expletives do not enrich the language. Expletives are a thoughtless reflex, a childish alternative to expressing your ideas in language. Using expletives is like giving vent to an inarticulate cry, a "barbaric yawp," as Walt Whitman put it. Animals can do that when they're angry or upset. Literate human beings should hold themselves to a higher standard.

  • Language is improvished by expletives.

    Using expletives in day to day language is lazy, and impovrishes language. When using an expletive it is an easy choice and you do not need to think of words to express how truly annoyed you feel. These feelings can be used in words that are less foul, and sound intellegent.

  • Makes it worse

    I think that the use of fowl language does not enrich the English language at all, and makes a person seem more ignorant. It makes them also look more uneducated, and like they can not control what they say, so they also can not do a lot of things right.

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