• Yes more than probably

    Since the election of the new Catholic Pope in the Catholic Church a man that comes from Latin America things are probably going to change. People in this region can look at someone who has grew up next to them they can better relate to this person since he came from the region.

  • Yes, I believe Latin America will eventually experience a Catholic revival.

    South America has always been Catholic leaning and moderately religious, I would say there is a good chance that eventually you could see movements and leaders try to spark a renewal of Catholicism across the land and I could see it spreading like wildfire once it started to take hold.

  • Will the revival happen?

    I believe Latin America will experience a Catholic revival and a big reason is because the Pope is from South America. It is the first time the a Pope is from that part of the world and it is creating a renewed interest in the religion. The Pope hopes this will happen.

  • No they do not want to go back

    Everyone knows that the priests like to touch boys. The pope is trying to be cool and hip and trying to lure people back but no. People are done with the catholic church.
    Christianity on the other hand is doing better. The people are nicer and more genuine than the shady church.
    The priest give me your boys and give me your money to pay for the lawsuits.
    So creepy and so fake is the catholic church.

  • Religion is fading

    That may break people's hearts, but more and more people are coming to terms that religion is just a man made idea. That does not mean people do not believe in God anymore. It just means they are starting to believe in God in their own way. The one thing that is saving the Catholic Church is the new Pope. I think Pope Francis will slow down the trend, but he will not revive the Catholic Church to its earlier Glory.

  • Secularization and religious diversification will continue to grow.

    Although some segments of the Latin American population may fuel a limited Catholic revival, in general secularization and religious diversity will continue to grow. There are simply too many competing schools of thoughts and influences for the Catholic Church to ever approach near the unquestioned supremacy it once had, even if there were to be a revival.

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