Do you believe libraries can remain viable by updating the books they have on shelves?

  • One day libraries will be like museums

    While the Internet has taken place of many books. Books are still viable, and libraries still do pretty well. They also have brought in the Internet and libraries have always been a great place to study or get other work done. One could imagine how libraries will become more like museums as time goes by. The old books will keep the most libraries viable

  • Libraries are still used

    Yes, I believe that if libraries continuously update their book choice they can remain a viable source of information. With electronic books on the rise, libraries have started to rent electronic books as well. Libraries offer a quiet place to study and relax as well as other items such as videos and games.

  • No, books are not enough anymore

    I believe libraries are a vital part of our communities, and part of the reason is because they are constantly updating their holdings. Unfortunately, updating their books is no longer enough. People expect libraries to be media centers now, with a wide selection of CDs and DVDs in their collections. Libraries are also valued for their free computers. We've crossed the Rubicon and can't go back to the days when libraries were collections of books and nothing else.

  • There still won't be enough choice.

    I don't think updating books is going to help libraries. The basic problem with libraries is that they are constrained by space, so they can only ever keep a limited number of titles on their shelves. Through the Internet, people have become used to having a near unlimited selection of books to choose from. Libraries are never going to be able to compete with that.

  • No, libraries are becoming less relevant

    As data and information becomes increasingly digitized, libraries will continue to become less relevant. Updating the books wont help, because the books themselves aren't the problem. The issue is that people can find these books online and acquire a digital copy without ever leaving their homes. The library simply cant compete with this.

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