• Thank you based god

    He showed me the light at the end of the dark tunnel. I have become based. He allowed me to believe in the holy spirit through his music, and he has allowed me to educate others through this. I believe that Lil B is the true messiah, and at the same time he is the true anti-Christ.

  • Gratitude and respect for a higher power are always good ideas

    Given that everyone has freedom of religion where I live, I lend some merit to any idea involving gratitude towards God or a higher power for two reasons. One, I can't possibly know which religion is actually right. Two, if a personal relationship or philosophy of God gives someone a moral compass and personal comfort, I think the results are merits in themselves

  • You gotta have a gimmick.

    The whole "Based God" thing is absolute garbage. And the only reason Lil B even started that in the first placed was because it got the attention of an audience. It sold songs on iTunes, it sold complete albums, even. Every artist intended for mass consumption needs a gimmick, the Based God thing is his.

  • Lil B's philosophy is uneducated.

    Lil B took an insult and tried to make it into a compliment. The insult was that he looked like he was on drugs or just acting dumb. He tried to turn it around to mean something different, but failed. His thought that being a "based god" would be a positive thing was ill advised. His claim evolved into him just being the most drugged up or the most ignorant.

  • Does not have merit

    I do not believe that Lil B's philosophy of, "thank you Based God" has any merit. First of all, who is Lil B and why should his/her philosophy have any merit? Second of all, we shouldn't even have to thank God if we are believers in him. God already knows.

  • Selling of an Album

    I believe Lil B's, "Thank you based God," does have merit if you view it for what it is, a way for Lil B to sell his product. The quoted words have turned into a fad based slang for many people which directly links back to his product, which people are then bound to purchase, unless they steal it. It has merit as far as advertising, but not the merit I assume this question is asking about.

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