• Yes I do

    I do believe loans among friends can ruin relationships. Money is always an issue with people. and if a loan is not paid back, it can ruin a relationship with ease. The same also goes for loaning money to family, which is why you never loan money to either one.

  • I agree that loans between friends can ruin relationships

    While loaning an object such as a phone, video game, or instrument may not destroy a friendship, it is my belief that loaning a large amount of money can. If, for example, that sum is $1,000 and the money is never returned to the loaner... that can almost certainly ruin a friendship. When you loan anything to anyone, you expect to get it back at some point. In fact the very definition of LOAN is "property lent, esp money lent at interest for a period of time". The "period of time" part of the definition infers that the object will be given back at some point and when that object (or money) is not returned to the loaner, he or she tends to become very upset.

  • Don't make loans to friends.

    Loans among friends can definitely ruin relationships. This is because people are often only trustworthy when they have their name signed on a loan at a bank or a credit card. The law has ways of getting such people to repay them easily. But friends can take advantage of the generosity of others too easily.

  • Yes They Can

    I believe loans among friends can ruin relationships. Many people have their own stories about failed loans to friends so I would think people would understand this dynamic by now. I believe society puts too much emphasis on money but the actions of a friend who don't pay you back are very telling of that persons character.

  • It says so in the Bible.

    Yes, I believe that loans among friends can ruin relationships because one can be a slave to the other. There is bound to be hurt feelings if one person is holding something over the other. Also, the Bible is clear that lending or borrowing money to a friend is a bad idea, and that friends should give to each other.

  • NO it should not

    Since it only makes the friend more trustable if he does return it. If he does return it, then the loaner would know to trust him in future time. Therefore it would make it more trustable and should be able to be loaned. That is why money should be lended

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