• Ridiculous to say not to send back Berenson after she affiliated herself with a known terrorist group

    Let's assume your home is a small country with laws and regulations. If a guest comes to your house and destroys something valuable to you, let's say a television. Why would you not have that person pay you back for damages? Not sending Lori Berenson back to Peru sends the wrong message to the world. Does this mean any US person that goes to any other country can do whatever he/she wants without having to worry about consequences due to breaking laws?

  • Lori Berenson should be sent back to Peru.

    Lori Berenson should be sent back to Peru. Lori Berenson was arrested in Peru for being involved with a terrorist group called the Tupac Amaru Revolution Movement. The MRTA was labeled a terrorist organization and was involved in many kidnappings, murders, and other crimes. She was given a lengthy sentence and several officers were killed during her capture.

  • She Should Serve Her Time

    When you are a guest in another country, you are subject to their laws. There is no such thing as getting off scott free because you're a political activist or an American. Lori Berenson broke the law in Peru, and she should serve her time in Peru. Besides, her parole is up next year.

  • Yes, Lori Berenson should be sent to Peru.

    Lori Berenson should be sent back to Peru. Lori Berenson is somebody who collaborated with the revolutonary movement to overthrow the government of Peru. If the government of Peru thinks she should be sent back then she should be sent back. I also think the country who has her should follow proper etiquette and sending her would improve relations with said country

  • No way should she

    Why would we send anyone back to Peru. She needs to stay here and deal with her consequences that she caused for herself and to learn to live the American dream. Who really cares if she is on parole here for helping to get people from Peru over here to America. This happens every day.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that she has not done a whole lot wrong here in the states, and that we should just let her stay here and enjoy the US for a while. She is not a bad person, and I do not think that she was wrong to come here.

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