• Losing your license for a year is punishment for some.

    If you get caught drinking and driving and lose your license for a year that is a fair punishment. However if this is a repeating occurence I believe that the penalty should be much more severe as well if you do harm to someone or something. Drinking and driving is as dangerous as anything in this world and people should be punished for doing it.

  • Yes, it's justifiable to punish them this way.

    People who drink and drive are not only putting their own lives at risk, they're endangering the lives of other people. In fact, more so, as drunk people are more relaxed and not always as likely to get injured in a car accident. Losing their license for a year will help them realize that driving is a privilege, not a right.

  • Drunk drivers should not be on the road.

    Drinking and driving greatly impairs your motor skills and your ability to make good choices. Revoking the driver liscenses of drunk drivers can sometimes help to keep them off the road. This makes driving safer for responsible drivers. If they were allowed to continue to drive they would be constant danger to all other drivers on the road.

  • Yes, it is just.

    Even though it is just for a drunk driver to lose their license for a year, these people do have jobs they need to get to. So a conditional license is a must for people who are caught drunk driving. The public transportation system isn't good enough to get people without licenses around.

  • It's Too Drastic

    Better results are achieved with a more compassionate approach towards alcohol addiction. The drunk driver should receive a fair alcohol use assessment and if determined to be addicted, get treatment for as long as necessary. Speeders don't get punished/harassed the way drunk drivers do, but cause approximately the same number of fatalities. It's all about ignorance and prejudice about a serious disease called alcoholism. Don't make it more difficult for sick people to get well--make it easy and we'll see good results.

  • Drunk drivers need more than one year driver license suspension

    It seems the action of drinking and driving is a habitual offense. Time and time again we see the same faces on the arrests page, the same people in court, the same people drinking and driving and causing mayhem in their wake. Taking thier license doesn't stop the problem but it certainly makes life a bit harder. Insurance goes up, have to take a cab or taxi, bum a ride and basically be at someone Else's schedule. This is why there are habitual offenders, we all have places to go and if we have a car to take us there, well then we are going to go, with or without that license. I believe a 5 year suspension should be in place, as well as the offender cannot even so much as have a car registered in their name at that time nor be covered under anyone else's uninsured driver program. Making it virtually impossible for drunk drivers to actually have to drive. I believe it should also carry 2 years-life in prison depending on if someone was killed or injured as a result.

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