• Love doesn't need to last.

    Firstly, in the very instant in which we are in love we have completed one of the largest steps in our small lives. Secondly love makes life valuable, when we think about the extent of the universe we should feel small and insignificant, but love gives us both strength and purpose. When in love one has completed a spiritual and emotional journey to find a part of themselves, not merely physical but also in essence. Love helps to define life and our journey through it, and thus is a definitive and ultimate goal. The reason why someone may not believe in love is because they do not know what love is and will confuse it with a short term lust they feel. True love is true happiness.

    Posted by: S7
  • Yes, a feeling of love is secure and full filling

    Love is a basic need for humans because it includes the emotions that make feel people feel as if they are cared for and that they matter as it is between a married couple or a parent and a child. Love can also be a passion such as artists love painting, this drive to painting makes people feel as if they have a purpose and enjoy what they are doing.

  • Yes It Can

    I believe one can find happiness in many different ways and love can take many different forms, but overall I would say that love is the ultimate form of happiness. I have been at my happiest when in love and I am also very happy when I consider the love I have for my child.

  • Love is a chemical imbalance.

    People who are in love literally have a chemical imbalance when in the presence of their lover. Given this information, if those chemicals were pushed further out of balance, it could be postulated that the person is happier at that time. Since we have the technology and the medicine (or drugs) to alter that chemical balance in our bodies, drugs are actually the ultimate happiness. This is why there are so many addicts.

  • Love doesn't last.

    No, I do not think that love creates the ultimate happiness, because love isn't ultimate. People think that they are in love, but they have just not suffered the hardships yet that will pull people out of love. Love is not perfect because people are not perfect. Love might make you happy for a while, but love does not last.

  • Not necesarilly. Everyone defines happiness differently

    Love certainly provides some level of happiness. But to say love, and love alone, provides ultimate happiness is not true. It can certainly provide some level of happiness, but there are many other factors that determine whether or not someone is happy. And, those factors are different for each person.

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