• It is over diagnosed

    How is that, suddenly, a lot of celebrities, people hungry for attention to make profits, and those who are always chasing illnesses, are diagnosed with lupus? It is the same type of endeavor that created the " gluten free" mentality. It brings a kind of elite health condition for those eager to use anything to ask for attention. Pharmaceuticals rip the benefits.

  • Yes, I agree that lupus is overdiagnosed.

    The symptoms of lupus are somewhat vague and could be attributable to any number of diseases. Real lupus is nearly always fatal, and fatal sooner rather than later. Those who are "living with lupus" for years and years and years are, in all likelihood, not "living with lupus" but merely using a known disease entity to garner benefits and use as an excuse not to work.

  • It's a serious matter

    I personally do not think that lupus is an over diagnosed disease. Lupus is an extremely serious disease that people can die from easily. I do not think that it is over diagnosed because it is a very specific disease that would not benefit from an over diagnosis. People just need to be healthy.

  • Lupus diagnosis can be liberal, but for good reason.

    If not addressed, Lupus can evolve into a very serious medical condition with complications that could easily be avoided through treatment. It begins with manageable symptoms such as rashes and joint pain. This could quickly evolve into unmanageable agonizing skin irritation and crippling joint paralysis. Once serious, treatment and management becomes exponentially more expensive. It is better to treat a few similar symptoms at the early stages incorrectly than avoid a positive diagnosis that leads to later unmanageable pain and another person for the system to support.

  • It is somewhat difficult to diagnose

    I don't think lupus is over-diagnosed since it may take years to actually get a diagnosis. Also, the signs and symptoms are many, and are variable. Different people with lupus may present with different symptoms. As an auto-immune disease, it's one of those that can present with vague symptoms and vary over time.

  • No. I do not believe lupus is over-diagnosed.

    No. I do not believe lupus is over-diagnosed, because it is a real disease. People are suffering, and dieing everyday from lupus. It is not over-diagnosed. If fact it needs to be studied more. Society needs to provide more money to researchers can find a cure. That is our responsibility.

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