• Maoism elevated Mao Zedong to god-like status.

    It is clear that Chairman Mao was elevated to god-like state. If he were not so revered, he would not have gotten away with the atrocities of the Cultural Revolution. Even today, Mao is seen more of a legendary or mythic figure than as an historical personage. Today, he is a symbol.

  • He is worshipped among Chinese.

    Yes, I believe that Maoism elevated Mao Zedong to god-like status, because he is revered among Chinese people. Even children in America play games called Mao. Mao is known all over the world, and Mao is a symbol for communism, and a symbol of the power of the Chinese government. Mao is famous and known.

  • No, Mao was a man

    I used to have a book that compared the quotations of Mao and Jesus side by side. It was an interesting exercise to compare their remarks, but the implied equality of Mao and Jesus left me uneasy. Although Mao was an extremely influential leader, and his Red Book was a sort of Bible to many Chinese, I don't think anyone seriously considers him a god today, and I know that Xi Jinping specifically asserted that Mao is no god during the recent anniversary of his birth.

  • Mao Is Not A God

    Mao Zedong is not treated like a god in China, and the Chinese has not afforded him god-like status. To the Chinese, he is simply the father of their modern nation. He is treated and revered much the same way American treat and revere George Washington as a president and revolutionary figure.

  • Not at all

    No, it did not take him up to the status of a god, and his people did not think this either. He did get super famous out of this though, and he had a huge number of followers. I think that he just used all this so that he could get famous.

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