Do you believe Marriage was ordained by God himself?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Yes she did

    God exists, and here is the proof:

    Exibit A:

    Exibit B:

    Exibit C:

    So as can be seen, G-d exists, and she/he invented the institution of marriage, that is why it is called "holy matrimony", nice try, "the atheists",
    G - d e x i s t s

  • Yes I do!

    God ordained and created marriage. He created the first humans: Adam and Eve and they were the first married couple. Only God has the authority to define what marriage really is. Atheists might not believe God exists and that as as humans created marriage ourselves, but I know deep down that that is not so. Some superior being had to have created love. We cannot have just developed it on our own.

  • There is no solid basis for god, even less your specific god.

    God is an unfalsifiable hypothesis, so it would be impossible to prove one exists.
    That being said, it should be clear that marriage has little to do with god. Marriage wasn't even used for love when it was developed, but it was for families to secure land and power together.
    Even if god did exist, what proof would you have that it created marriage? What if the god was non-intervening? There are an endless number of possibilities that are more likely then god creating marriage.

  • God had nothing to do with marriage

    Since there is unlimited amounts of proof of how the universe was formed, and I am stating scientific facts are overwhelming. How can anyone believe in a supreme being, where there is no proof. Seems to me religion, is a belief. Definition of belief. " a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing " merriam Webster.

  • Choosing a partner has nothing to do with theology

    First of all, there are thousands of different gods.
    This question is assuming that there is a god, and that that god is a male, and that that male god is concerned with the relationships of animals on a small rock floating through space.
    Marriage is just two or more creatures getting together and deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. There is no need to try and squeeze a god into this equation.

  • There Was Marriage Before Religion

    Marriage existed for a long time before religion... Religion is the master of copying ideas and claiming it for itself. Religion exists in secular societies today, and atheists get married. You can have love without loving God. To say God ordained marriage is like me telling you the FSM created your God - it's nonsensical.

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