Do you believe MDMA (commonly known as ecstasy or molly) should be used to treat patients with PTSD?

  • MDMA should be used to treat patients with PTSD, if they choose it.

    Mental illnesses are difficult to understand unless you've been through them. They're not like physical illnesses, whose effects are more easily and obviously visible. PTSD is a very complicated and very serious condition, and if there are drugs out there available to treat them—even if they should have reputations like those of ecstasy—then they should be used for their treatment. I definitely believe that the patient in question should get to decide whether or not they want access to the ecstasy.

  • If it's helpful.

    Not all patients would likely respond well (I know from experience), but in a clinical setting while the patient is being monitored this could be very helpful. The doses should probably be controlled, but with good therapy this could be a very awesome thing that might help many people. I hope it happens.

  • No, MDMA Should Not be Used for PTSD Treatment

    MDMA should not be used for PTSD treatment because MDMA has a high risk for addiction. PTSD is a compound problem by itself, and adding a potential risk for drug addiction could pose a more significant problem. Addiction to MDMA is similar to addiction to cocaine. According to research, MDMA can also damage the brain and lead to memory problems. Therefore, it can worsen the condition of PTSD rather than improve it.

  • MDMA should not be used to treat PTSD.

    MDMA, or ecstasy/molly, should not be used to treat patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Although PTSD is a crippling disorder to many, MDMA is not the best method of treatment. It can be extremely addicting and can hurt mental health later in life. Instead, psychological therapy can help ease PTSD without causing any detrimental side effects.

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