• Yes, As it is hard to differentiate

    I think pot in any form should be illegal as people try to exploit the law otherwise. If medical pot is made legal then the smugglers will find a way to get the pot as medical pot and then they might sell it as drugs illegally. It will be very hard to regulate the law in such a case.

  • No, medical cannabis use should not be illegal.

    Cannabis use in the United States was legal until the 1930's. It is scientifically proven that cannabinoids help to ease the pain and discomfort cancer patients suffer during chemotherapy. They also improve the patient's appetite. Marijua is a natural plant and it has little or no side effects. Only the big pharmaceuticals corporations benefit from pot being iilleillegal.

  • It shouldn't be illegal because prescription drugs kill more people than cannabis annually

    Cannabis is a plant what has been on this earth for a pretty long time so i don't see why we shouldn't be able to have access to it even though it grows in the grownd, whereas prescribed drugs just get handed out and they take people's lives by the thousands.

  • Pot has many medicinal effects and should be legal

    Pot has both advantages and disadvantages to the user, but it is most definitely proven to help relieve pain. Additionally, it is not addictive like all the opiates are and what we are seeing in society now is that so many people are addicted to heroin and other opiates, an addiction that started with needing it for pain relief. Medicinal pot can help the user in need without nearly the long lasting effects that other pain killers can have.

  • Medical Marijuana Important in Some Cases

    No, I do not believe medical marijuana should be illegal. There are some cases like cancer patients in which it can be very helpful and a wise choice. However, there should be serious limitations placed on who qualifies for medical marijuana and who can even prescribe it. After that, the amounts they receive and the places that provide the product should be heavily monitored.

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