Do you believe men (yes) or women (no) make more effective suicide bombers?

  • More of them.

    I think that men are more effective suicide bombers, because they are more likely to carry out the attack. There would have been more resistance to the 9/11 attackers if they had been women. People would have thought that they could fight them off, or they would have been prevented from getting into the cockpit.

  • No Suicide Bombers

    I do not believe the world needs suicide bombers or people who find the concept helpful. Neither men, nor women are more effective. I feel like this question is terribly crass and pretty much inappropriate. This does not seem like a forum that would encourage planning tactics or offer advice on suicide bombing.

  • The gender of a suicide bomber doesn't matter

    The gender of a suicide bomber doesn't matter, especially now that it has become common knowledge that women are using their bodies as weapons just as much as men. We should be aware that, like in politics, we are entering a world in which gender does not matter as much.

  • Women make more effective suicide bombers.

    Because of their shape, women can carry more explosives and shrapnel than men without attracting attention. Because they are women, men tend to be protective rather than suspicious of them. Because they are women, men tend to be more respectful to the detriment of good security practices. Because they are women, the fact that they are willing to self destruct to do an attack has greater psychological impact, especially on men.

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