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Do you believe mental health should be covered by our taxes?

Asked by: Galacticat
  • Of corse it should.

    Mental health is not taken nearly as seriously as it should and the first step to cerrecting this would be giving it to taxe payers for free, the same goes with physical health. If we built this society on the prensipal that we will help each other survive then taking care of mental healt should be a huge priority, can't help someone who has put a bullet in their head now can you?

  • All health care should be provided for free.

    Mental health is still health, why should mental health be treated any different?

    Mental illness is a huge issue especially in poor communities, it only seems wrong to only let wealthy people have access to such privileges. Even common day people may not always be able to afford psychological help.

  • A basic level at least

    This could be very important to helping people choose to live another day or to be able to function at their jobs or in their relationships.

    However, if someone who is functional and reasonably content but feels like they could do better seeks out counseling once a week good on them, but there's a point where the system should say "you're not badly off enough to qualify" and they should pay their own way.

  • Mental health care benefits everyone.

    Mental health is just as important as physical health is to maintain and treat, if not more important. Let's start with depression. People are in general both less productive and less motivated to do things when they are depressed, which is a disadvantage to the functioning of our society as a whole. And shouldn't we help somebody who is depressed anyways just as we would help somebody with a physical health problem, both for the person's sake as both are suffering in need of correction? And shouldn't we work with more effort to solve violent mental illness for everyone's sake as well? Nobody wants violent mental illness roaming about and causing serious problems along with murders/deaths. So for everyone's sake, mental health care should be free and covered by taxes.

  • Yes it should

    Only if mental health is evaluated in regards to the standard of theHippocratic oath. Many common physical symptoms are often misdiagnosed as psychological problems. If it benefits the tax payer and not a doctors psychotropic sales percentage or clinic, then sure. Ct scans may be able to physically diagnose a mental health illness which is good because many people are often misdiagnosed . Psychology needs to be physically measured because misdiagnosis can be profitable. I don't want my taxea Beijing allocated to some scum doctor or non profit that receives a salary based on Bill shot. Too many crooks.

  • Well does it?

    If I go to a store to buy a chair, and I can buy it because I don't have the money, does it make it right for other people to buy it for me? People give me the reason it is. Health care should be cheap for workers and business men, not some person who thinks he is a women. It is not right to hold a gun to someones head and force them to provide no emergency care.

  • Nothing is free.

    Mental care is work, and those who do this work need enough money to live and need to be gratified with high salary so that young people are willing to do this work. The only kind of mental care that needs to be provided by taxpayer money is the kind that's related to homeless people and drug addicts who are in the streets, as they can't take care of themselves.

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