• Woody Allen is a daughter raping, incest committing pedophile
    woody Allen is a daughter raping, incest committing pedophile. He should be prosecuted. Laws need to be updated so its harder for de facto stepdaughters to groom and sexually violate their kids. Woody Allen's adoptive children should be removed for their safety. Apparently, they were only adopted because a file went missing.

  • Yes, I believe Mia and Dylan Farrow's accusations against Woody Allen.

    These rumors have swirled in the air since the early 1990's in one war or another about inappropriate sexual conduct, I do believe there is some truth to these rumors, I don't believe this is something that should be in the public, I think it's a private family matter that the media unfortunately took and ran with.

  • Yes, smoke leads to fire.

    Of course I can not say for sure because we may be dealing with Mia Farrow's old grudges against Woody Allen, but it is always wise to take seriously the accusations of a young girl. Something odd was going on in that household so it behooves us to investigate further.

  • Classic Revenge Story

    The evidence is overwhelming that Mia Farrow created the molestation out of whole cloth and played victim herself. She's far from innocent, and sacrificed her own daughter Dylan's mental welfare to punish Woody Allen for leaving her, when in fact they more little more than companions at the time he started seeing Soon Yi. It's a mess, yes, but his being with Soon Yi does not equal molestation, which is what the demented Mia wanted the public to believe.

  • Woody Allen is innocent.

    It becomes convenient to chastise those with celebrity status. It is particularly beneficial to do so after you realize you cannot gain anything else from them in civilized ways. Woody Allen has always been odd. He becomes an easy target for such attacks because of his eccentricities. That does not make him a child molester.

  • Child Abuse Experts hired by the state did not believe her claim

    The prosecutor hired a team of investigators from Yale to meet with Dylan and evaluate the claim. They stated conclusively that there was no abuse. They were not sure if Dylan had been coached or had made up the claims because of the intense emotional atmosphere in the home. Some people have tried to discredit this report because it is so decisive, but this group and the Yale center have outstanding reputations and are very pro-child.

  • No, I don't believe Mia and Dylan Farrow's claims.

    I do not believe the claims of Mia and Dylan Farrow that Woody Allen is guilty of child molestation. While Woody Allen is a weird person, it doesn't mean that he is guilty of such crimes. I think that somebody should only be judged by such crimes if there are any type of proof for it.

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