• Michael Savage is an extremist conservative

    I agree in many ways that Michael Savage is an extremist conservative. Just listening to his radio stations one can assume and make the assumption that Michael Savage is extreme. His views and beliefs are extreme to a very extent, but on the other hand, he has every right ot say whatever he wishes.

  • Yes, I do.

    I feel like Michael Savage is leaning more towards a conservative extremists side than most people. I do not know if it is because he hardcore believes this way and thinks about the political issues in this regard, or if he overplays some of it to get more TV views.

  • Michael is a genius.

    Michael Savage uses common sense. Most of us are born with it. Most liberals are not. His views on everything are 99 per cent spot on. His support for Trump only makes more sense. His use of language is enviable. He is not an extreme conservative. Our nation is sinking like the Titanic and there is no other ship in sight. Michael is ringing the alarm bells for us all, people on the left and right.

  • Being conservative doesn't make him crazy

    He simply supports the idea of a single, unified culture and taking a more nationalistic stance on certain issues. Yes, sometimes I will say that he does go a bit too far, but nobody is going to be perfect. None of those things make him crazy or extremist. It just means that he is of the opinion that we have gone too far with progressive attitudes and multiculturalism. It simply means that he has a different opinion that is not politically correct.

  • Savage is not savage

    I don't believe Michael Savage is a conservative extremist. If anything, his views are more in line with real conservatives' views. How he feels about immigration, the Middle East, and abortion, are just a few of the views that he shares with mainstream conservatives. Mostly only liberals think he is extreme.

  • Just an entertainer

    No, he is not an extremist of any kind. Everything that this man says on his radio is just for people to be entertained and so that more and more people will listen to him. The things he says may not even say what he believes, just what the people like.

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