Do you believe Michael Savage is a political voice for conservatives (yes) or just another entertainer (no)?

  • Michael Savage is without doubt a political voice for conservatives.

    Michael Savage is without doubt a political voice for conservatives, fortunately not the political voice for the majority of conservatives. Mr. Savage does an excellent job of bring the views of the extreme, hard-line conservatives into the public eye. He is brash, outspoken and confrontational in his on air radio persona.

  • He has some good ideas.

    Yes, I believe that Michael Savage is a political voice for conservatives, because that is primarily who his audience is. Savage has some very loyal fans. Even though most people do not agree with everything that he says, there are a lot of things that his loyal fans do agree with. He says what many conservatives are thinking.

  • More Of An Entertainer

    Given that some of Michael Savage's political beliefs border on extremism, I believe many conservatives may like his talking points but don't necessarily follow all of his ideals. Since he attacks other subject as well, I would say he is more entertainer than he is a voice for conservatives. His numbers rank him at a tie at sixth places as far as his popularity.

  • No, another enertainer.

    I believe that Michael Savage is more for entertainment than a good political voice for conservative. Honestly, I do not take anyone that seriously when they are on TV and getting paid for people to watch them and pretend to agree. Anyone will agree with someone if they think it will give them TV cred.

  • Just an entertainer

    The only reason that this man is a radio host is because he is a good entertainer, and the radio station keeps him because he can get people to listen. He is not a good voice for conservatives because all he cares about is getting more listeners on the show.

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