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  • No, Mike Huckabee did not move from Arkansa to avoid paying state income taxes.

    While there is no doubt the Mike Huckabee's move to Florida will lower his state income tax bill, this is offset the considerable higher cost of living and real estate prices and real estate taxes in Florida. His move to Flordia provided him better access to air travel and media resources for his broadcast and lecture career.

  • People move often

    People move very often for many reasons, and the idea that a former governor of a state would make a petty move like moving states to save a few dollars, is absurd. Most people in his position make most of their money via capital gains anyway, so income isn't as important.

  • Moved to Florida to Retire

    Mike Huckabee moved to Florida because that's where old people go when they retire. Huckabee shouldn't be running for office anytime soon. He left Arkansas because there is no political future for him there as he fits into the mold of a political commentator as opposed to a politician. His recent comments on women have essentially nixed any hope for presidential aspirations if Huckabee had any.

  • Would you want to live in Arkansas?

    No, I don't think Mike Huckabee left Arkansas to avoid paying income tax. Florida has a higher tax rate than Arkansas and since he lives there now, he's probably paying more. I think he most likely left Arkansas because, good lord, why would anyone in their right mind live there longer than they have to?

  • Every State Similar

    I do not believe Mike Huckabee left Arkansas to avoid paying income taxes. For one, the federal government taxes have to be paid regardless of where you live. Secondly, all states have taxes in one form or another and they are generally consistent from one state to the next, the only thing that really changes is how they are assessed.

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