• Of course! He totally was!

    He was the only Soviet leader that recognized the peoples right to free speech, Free press, And unbiased education. Granted, He didn't completely implement these concepts, But he in a way let his people see the truth, And since they saw it, They rised against the Soviet Union. Some might see this as a failure, But what they don't know is that a good leader protects his/her people, Not the generals and high-ranking officials. Otherwise, Kim Jong Un and every single tyrant out there would be a great leader!

  • Modernized russia and eastern Europe

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  • Yes, Most certainly

    This man came into power of a country that was struggling and having mounting tensions with the west, Missiles being installed on your doorstep, Economic issues in your satellite states, And then the biggest nuclear disaster in history in your country. He came in and saw the massive issues with the USSR and decided reform, Slowly dissolving communism and giving people more freedom. The cold war then came to a close thanks to his massive reforms.

  • He was good.

    He was good because he stopped the cold war . I bet you couldnt do that. He was also very nice and won a nobel peace prize . He has horses and he won a grammy award which is pretty awesome in my opinion. He is the coolest guy ever.

  • He was definitely a pretty good leader

    He was handed a ruined, broken, dying country, and he managed to turn it around for the better. His perestroika and glasnost policies fortified the economy. While his policies were not the instant solution the people wanted, the policies themselves were still effective. Gorbachev had a large part in pulling Russia out of the Cold war as well as giving the command to take down the Berlin wall. Instead of becoming a dictator at the end of his presidency to hold onto power, he stepped down peacefully.

  • The Berlin Wall

    Many people believe it was Reagan who brought it down and while he had a big impact, it wasn't him who took down the wall, it was Gorbachev who took it down!
    Not only that but he knew that the Soviet Union was dying and instead of taking all of Russia with it, he stepped down peacefully and allowed the people of Russia to thrive once more. So at the end, he really did care about the people.

  • He saved the world

    Nuclear war means end of world. Without Gorbachev there would be destruction hundreds of times greater than chernobyl was. Russians hate him because they think he surrendered to America. Americans love him for the same reason. Neither of these reasons can be called fair. Gorbachev endes the cold war and possibly saved the planet.

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  • Brilliant Leader - so Yes!!!

    He saved the union from economic collapse;not to mention the world from a nuclear holocaust, Although Yeltsin managed to break this westernization. He was the best thing which happened to Russia - without him the world would be so much worse off today! He brought Russia from collapse to a superpower again.

  • Yes he was

    Gorbachev was a leader who unlike his stubborn predecessors, conceded to the inability of the communist system in terms of growth and attempted to reform the economy. While one could argue that he single handedly destroyed a glorious republic, it was in both Russia's and the ex-republics' best interests that a better suited form of government was placed, allowing progress to ensue and reducing seclusion.

  • He paved the way for Incompetence

    The Best leader was Khrushchev, he was an excellent diplomat and managed to avoid a war the US at the highest of tensions. Not to mention the thousands of Soviet accomplishments under his rule. Gorbachev, while reforming was too weak and did not do enough to help his nation when it was collapsing. And when it finally did collapse, he allowed a drunken nut to take what was left. Or these reasons, I say No

  • No, I do not.

    There is no one Russian/Soviet leader who stands out above the rest. And whether Mikhail Gorbachev was the best is a matter of morality as well. Do you like the kinder leaders, or the leaders who were more like dictators? With Russia's long history it's nearly impossible to pick the best leader.

  • He ruined the USSR.

    Mikhail Gorbachev, Who was the prime mover of what Putin has called “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the twentieth century. Just six years after Mikhail Gorbachev came to power as General Secretary of the Communist Party and introduced reforms, The Soviet Union collapsed and newly formed independent nations arose from the ashes. When Gorbachev ran for president in 1996, Just five years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, He garnered less than one percent of the vote. Recent popularity polls have placed him well below even dictator Joseph Stalin.

  • Hi made Europe free again !!! Soviet Union was illegal no human rights nothing !!!!!!

    He was Russian's first post Communism Democrat very smart and brave guy and human too !!!!!
    ,you can have soviet union in Russia but no Russia in central Europe not in Czech republic ,Germany,Poland,Romania,Ukraine and many more no thanks we don't need terror in Europe !!!!!!! Thanks Mr .Gorbachev !!!!!!!!

  • Perhaps the worst Soviet leader

    I believe that Gorbachev may have been the worst Soviet leader. This is for a pretty simple reason, his policies directly led to the dissolution of the country. While to many Westerners, this may seem like a good thing, to the Russian people, who saw their state owned industries sold off to oligarchs for a fraction of the price that they were worth by Yeltsin, this certainly wasn't a good thing. The dissolution of the Soviet Union led to a decline in the general quality of life in the former socialist republics and the population among the block has barely even increased today. In my opinion, the best Soviet Leader was Lenin, a man who contributed more to political theory than perhaps any other individual in history, bar maybe Marx and Engels. Lenin also led Russia into victory during the Civil War, when many Western countries were backing the white army, in hopes of getting a country that the imperialist powers could steal from, like most other countries. Lenin also was willing to listen to people who disagreed with him, as shown by his Politburo, which included Trotsky, who had previously been in a different party to Lenin, Bukharin, who was originally more of a Libertarian Socialist, though would become a moderate in later years, and Zinoviev and Kamenev, who themselves tried to stop the revolution from happening. I think that this shows that Lenin was not a dictator, unlike later Soviet leaders and he was an inspirational wartime leader.

  • Obviously did a bad job

    He let his country dissolve, there were other ways to solve the issues the Soviet Union had. Those in the west may think he is a great leader, but it is because the west won the cold war because of him. It would be like US haters saying a president of the US was a great leader for letting the US dissolve just because it was in said US hater's best interest for it to collapse.

  • He ruined the Soviet Union

    So you would rather prefer a dictator who basically carried WW2 and brought upon the greatest achevments in the history of mankind or a leader who peacefully left the Soviet Union who by the time was on par with the USA to a country who got it's GDP cut in half and everyone losing money and jobs. That's called cowardes not leadership.

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