• Yes, Minors should be taught Sex Edu.

    We won't curb underage sex with not teaching Sex Edu. We won't help if we don't teach them about the dangers of underage sex. If they get raped/forcibly taken advantage of, They won't understand how to deal/help themselves. Not all guardians/parents can help with this. Sex education for minors is important.

  • Responsibility is key

    Children and teenagers cannot always be trusted to make the proper, correct decisions with regards to sexuality, which is why sex education is important. Another good reason is that children and teenagers are also capable of being sexually coerced by people who are older and in positions of power and with the proper intellectual tools they can fight against this.

  • I believe minors should be taught sex education.

    I believe minors should be taught sex education in school at the middle school stage. Many parents do not address this topic with their children until it is too late and they have learned first hand on their own with no knowledge of how to protect themselves from disease and unwanted pregnancies.

  • Yes, Education is important.

    Teaching minors in school about sex and how it works before they are old enough to try it themselves makes the minors more aware of what is happening to their bodies. Children are having sex and creating offspring younger and younger. A large problem is the lack of understanding about how it works. It is healthier for the minors to understand than learn on their own

  • Yes They Should

    I believe sex education is very important and by the time kids reach 13-15 years of age they should receive sex education. I think it is important for these students to learn the facts about life, learn about STD's and dangers, and whatever else they may have questions about. They shouldn't be left in the dark.

  • No sex education before the legal age of consent

    The age of consent in most parts of the west is too low.

    I personally believe it should be 21.
    With the exception of +18 year olds who have a sexual partner no more than 2 years their senior.

    On the education part of it.
    Abstinence-only education has been shown to fail.
    Comprehensive education is better compared to abstinence-only.
    But compared to no sex education C-sex ed fails.
    Kids are more likely to have sex when given sex ed.

    Which then also increases the likelihood of teen pregnancy, std infection, single motherhood, ...........

    I'm not religious btw, so i'm not saying this for religious reasons.
    I'm a black conservative atheist.

  • No, I do not think minors should be taught sex ed.

    I do not think that minors should be taught sex ed. I think that minors these days are more irresponsible than they were decades ago. A lot of them just cannot process something like sex and should not be taught anything about it unless they are of a certain age and maturity.

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