• Misogyny Promoted by Fraternities

    I personally think that misogyny was promoted by fraternities because of the frat name. I personally think that misogyny was promoted by fraternities and was known for the first fraternity. I personally think that misogyny was named by frat members and was promoted by fraternities. I personally think that was promoted because the frat members wanted to name it a college.

  • Yes, I believe this to be very true.

    I believe that many fraternities knowingly promote misogyny. Women today are still battling for equality and respect. As long as there exist fraternities where the culture promotes the idea that a female is nothing but a sexual object, the cycle will never be broken. We need to move away from this male "group mentality" .

  • I believe that misogyny is rampant within fraternities throughout the United States

    While some fraternities may be legitimately avoiding a misogynistic actions, it is my opinion that many of them not only allow misogynistic practices, but promote them! When potential members are rushed, some of the actions they are required to complete involve belittling young ladies and/or making sexual advances towards them. These tendencies could quite possibly be brought on by the excessive amount of drinking during (and outside of) parties. Many of the fraternities throughout the United States perpetuate the idea that "females aren't actual people" and, even more disturbing, teach their members how to "almost rape girls".

  • Misogyny and stereotypes

    Yes, fraternities promote misogyny in the façade they put to make boy into "real" men. They exclusively invite boys to drink party and have sex with women; granted, this may be a stereotype, but the number of rapes and sexual assaults that happen on a college campus are consistent and increasing (check the facts). Maybe not all fraternities promote misogyny, but every guy in college needs to admit that drink guys rape women and receive little to no consequences for it. Whether the guy is a star athlete (ex: Brock Turner) or a member of an exclusive fraternity, guy get off easy and get to continue on with their life unchanged while women have to deal with the physical and psychological consequences of a drunk, horny, aggressive guy assaulting them. It's ridiculous and baffling for guys, grown men, to comment that fraternities are great and that they are great organizations. College campus encourage the activities of fraternities and sororities and they do a fabulous job to suppress the number of sexual assaults against women on their campus and in frat houses. Men to be held accountable for their actions of stealing a woman's security through violation and it need to STOP.

  • Fraternities promote misogyny

    Because they objectify women, they encourage sexual assault, and they normalize rape and sexual assault. A 2007 study showed that fraternity members are three times more likely to rape within their 4 years. One in five women will be sexually assaulted in four years away at school. Last year, three sexual assaults were reported at one Texas fraternity – within just one month.

  • They Generally Do Not

    Misogyny is defined as the hatred of women. I would say the vast majority of fraternities do not promote misogyny and are actually upstanding organizations. I'm sure there are some fraternities that take actions that are questionable and treat others outside of the fraternity is a lowly matter, but I believe colleges should combat these problem fraternities.

  • I do not

    I do not believe misogyny is promoted by fraternities. That is a ludicrous claim, and there is no real evidence of it. Just because frats promote males, does not mean they are practicing misogyny. This is just another thing being spit out by radical feminists who don't know what they are doing.

  • This is dumb

    Sororities are a hotbed of misandry, aka feminism, where they fear monger and teach women to be privileged victims. Anyone, as long as they have a penis, who has the audacity to be attracted to women and conspire with others who do are clearly misogynists. Don't you know women can't even join fraternities, at least sororities are welcoming and empowering to everybody, right? But then again colleges hate women so much they allow them to attend their institute just so the men have something to harass. Oh boy, maybe fraternities really do represent misogyny!

  • Are you serious?

    Misogynistic actions are out of spite for women. I'm sure that most of the actual belief that fraternities equal misogyny stems from the UVA incident, which had less evidence to back itself up than actual rape in universities. It turned out to be false, yet everyone still believes that fraternities are bad. Is it plain stupidity or modern feminism? I'm curious to know.

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