Do you believe modern Americans live in an "e-democracy" as opposed to a republic?

  • I believe that modern Americans live in an "e-democracy"

    When it comes to politics most Americans seem to acquire information from electronic media sources such as TV, Computers, Phones, etc. Rather then discussing political issues and decisions in standard public meetings, most discussions take place online. While Americans still maintain various customary republic ideas and concepts (ala electing representatives to represent them in Congress), there is no denying that many of these elements have moved into the virtual space.

  • Modern Americans do not live in an "e-democracy" as opposed to a republic.

    Although technology has changed the way people live, our government still remains the same as it did when the country was founded. People interact with each other through electronic media, but most of the business of the government is still done the old fashioned way. There is not need to change these policies.

  • E-democracy is part of the republic

    We live in a republic, and it just so happens that e-democracy is part of it. By all measures, people in the U.S. live in a republic -- the government system shows us this. But our modern ways of life in which we use the Internet have added in the web component to this. Our laws in ink have carried over to the web.

  • Americans do not live in an e-democracy.

    The concept of e-democracy is that people would be able to directly participate in the political process via technology and internet-based platforms. There are currently very few ways in which people can participate in this way in America. While some tangental platforms (e.g. Twitter, facebook) exist, there is no current way of directly influencing political processes as a layperson via technology. In fact, America is behind many countries in the fact that much of the voting process isn't even technologically advanced as it is in other nations, further impairing this idea.

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