Do you believe modern technology is a friend (yes) or foe (no) to modern man?

  • It makes things easier.

    I believe that modern technology is a friend to modern man, because it is allowing us to live longer and better than ever before. With technology, it doesn't take a day to do the family wash. Milk lasts a lot longer in a refrigerator than in an ice box, and it is much easier to communicate with cell phones.

  • Modern Technology is a valuable assistant to those who don't abuse it.

    Modern technology has created pure miracles in both science and leisure. Unfortunately man becomes his own enemy while using it. Modern man is really no different than generations past. The goal is still to populate the planet with more people like him. The Internet can be used to access scientific data around the globe. Instead, most men are looking at porn (leads to repopulation.) Modern technology has devised a way to harness the energy of the Atom, and man made it into a bomb (leads to only people like him repopulating.)

  • keep us updated

    I think that modern technology is a friend to man, and has helped us out a lot. Anything that we want to know is at our fingertips at any time. If you want to know how to build a birdhouse, then you just type it in and you have several ways.

  • It is a friend.

    I really believe that modern technology is our friend, but it could become our foe if we become so dependent on it that we can't function without it. But, in general, it is a very useful tool. It provides so many benefits that help society. It can continue to be our friend if we use it right.

  • It's a yes!

    It gives you unlimited access to information. The Internet opens up a whole world of information that can help you succeed in your classes. From study materials to research tools, You can access loads of information anywhere, Anytime. You can even enjoy online learning in the comfort of your own home. Many programs, Especially in healthcare and the trades, Have innovative curriculum that combines hands-on classroom and online learning opportunities.

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  • Technology a Friend

    Modern technology is a friend because it is the time that it saves that benefits all who is in the habit of using it. There is no negative connotations in regards to technology as being an enemy of mankind. In fact, because of modern technology, it is possible for man to talk to each other without the benefits of wires as in the case of the cell phone. Therefore, modern technology is a friend of man and is not an enemy.

  • Technology is replacing our jobs, and evidently replacing us!

    Jobs in the 21st century are being replaced by robots and modern technology, leaving many people un -employed and left with an empty pocket. In the next 50 years newspapers will be replaced by online apps, taxi drivers will be replaced by electric cars and sales workers will be replaced by online shopping for a few examples. The way technology is advancing is dangerous, and we should all be wary of what’s to come.

  • It ruins teenagers lives

    Teengers get distracted from study, they don't sleep enough, get worked up about it and it causes a whole lot of problems. It wrecks out sleep cycle and we were fine before the world of technology, having fun and enjoying life. Now, it's all about social media profiles and popularity

  • Not at all

    I say this because ever since online messaging or social networks, the suicide rate has increased. Mean words, hateful comments have put teenagers into deep depression. This basically means that Technology is killing people. Now would you want people to be killed, families being hurt? I really don't think so.

  • Technology is not our friend!

    Technology is not our friend because texting is just a way of avoiding true contact. Online bullying can happen which leads to depression. Depression is not a good life at all! I believe that there is too much technology in this world but they keep making more!Just like the smoking quote: STOP BEFORE YOU START!

  • It is a no!!

    Technology creates the perfect recipe for depression with the lack of human contact, overeating and lack of exercise. There is a reason the use of antidepressants are on the rise and the blame can’t be completely dumped on the pharmaceutical companies. They aren’t carting people into the doctor’s office and force feeding them the pills. This isn’t to say that depression isn’t a real problem, but some people could cure their depression by living a healthier lifestyle.

  • It makes human socially isolated.

    Ever since social media came to picture, people are less likely to interact face to face with others. Why bother getting out of house if I can just send a message or what if no body like me at the party? Or I would rather just write my condolence online.

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