• Money is driving every society

    Of course, some places are more corrupt. I am guessing this question is about the Prime Minister of Britain. Every top official seems to have to cater to money. Is the Prime Minister solving the problems of the people? That is the question they should be asking. If he is not, then money is driving his society.

  • Money drives every society.

    Yes, I believe that money is driving Cameron's society, because big money controls all politicians. Politicians have to answer to the people who write the checks for their campaigns. Big banks have taken over England, but they do have some justifiable interest in making sure that they can stay in business and run efficiently.

  • Yes, money is driving Cameron's society.

    A society has prestige and high class as Cameron's is something that is obviously being drove by money. There is no way that it isn't. I think money will always be one of the greatest driving forces when it comes to being the sole reason for high society to be operated.

  • Money, money, money

    Money drives every political regime, every political policy, and every political movement. Whether or not you agree with the ideology behind Cameron's Big Society, it is indisputable that money is a driving factor. No matter how vehemently any politician may ever deny it, money is always the most significant force behind what they do.

  • Not his society

    Money drives all society, not just Cameron's. As far as societies go, the UK is in no way solely driven by money, and if they are, they're not doing the best job at it. Money is just a means of denoting productivity and saying it runs society is an obvious, pointless, statement.

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