Do you believe money (yes) or job security (no) is the biggest motivator in work productivity?

  • Money is the only reason of people working for 99% population

    Lets come to our basic necessities...Can v do anything without money?..No...N if u thnk money isn't the only motivator..Then yes..It isn't the only...But the BIGGEST....Think yourself how many people u hv seen in ur life till now Hu wnts to wrk...Vdout getting paid?! This is the thing guys...Money is the reason fr people going to work

  • Show me the money

    Having just been laid off at 46 I would have to say that job security is a myth. Most people stay at companies no more than 4 year's these days. Companies have no regard for employees these days and offer little or no training. I'm going back to contracting next week.

  • Money keeps me working

    I will say that money is the biggest motivator in work productivity. We all work simply to get paid, and that is pretty cut and dry. I would have to believe that Job Security is a factor but we can always find another job and we are usually looking for better jobs to make more money. If we didn't get paid there would be no need for job security.

  • yes or no?

    Employee motivation has always been a central problem for leaders and managers. Unmotivated employees are likely to spend little or no effort in their jobs, avoid the workplace as much as possible, exit the organization if given the opportunity and produce low quality work. On the other hand, employees who feel motivated to work are likely to be persistent, creative and productive, turning out high quality work that they willingly undertake.

  • People want money

    I think that money is definately the main motivator for work productivity. You will take a job with less security if it is going to pay you a whole lot more money. People are driven by money, and the need to want more and more wealth and own more than others.

  • Money is motivating people to work harder.

    I believe that money is motivating people to work harder due to current events. With food, housing, gas, and other expenditures increasing in price, people are wanting to work harder (and in some case, more than one job), and better in order to get paid to be able to afford things that one would call a basic living expense.

  • Money is king.

    Money is the king when it comes to work productivity when compared to job security. Most jobs offer job security, unless it is a part time or seasonal gig, or unless you really screw up too often. But when it comes to money, that's what makes people get up in the morning and force themselves out of bed.

  • Safety is Important

    Would you rather have lots of money and get lots of injuries all the time, or no money and no injuries at all? That's the problem, money turns Semitics into slaves, burns boys, hurts the holy, maims men, kills Christians, mocks the poor, and harasses the homeless. Money in huge amounts would be boring, so the feeling of security motivates good activity.

  • Losing a job is only a small probability

    A person losing a job is only a small chance and he or she can earn a lot of money before that person gets fired. People can say that secure job is better, but in reality, most of the people would want to choose a job that gives you a lot of money than a job that is secure. This is because with this job that gives you a lot of money can make you rich and help you do what you want.

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