• Money is more important

    You can survive without love; true, it would be difficult and painful at times, but I doubt it'd be an eternally miserable existence for you to live without love. Love? What is love? How do you define something that is so tangible that it can happen at first sight? Love is important, but money is more important. Our society has played a major role in defining this. Look at Romeo and Juliet: they lost their lives for love. Did they did happy? No. Did they destroy other lives in the process? Yes; their parents, their friends, etc. Would they eventually have moved on? Yes! Love? That's great. But surviving is more important. Money is our modern-day survival tool. What's more important: being happy, or being alive? Don't say being alive is being happy! You know there's a difference!

  • Yes, money wins hands down.

    I have to say money is way more important than love. In todays world if you don't have money, you are barely going to eke out a miserable existence. Without money you won't even be able to get decent medical care. You need love in your life, but without money the love won't last.

  • No love is more important

    I say love is more important because people love you the way you are ok and no I think that peoooe love you the way you are ok and no I think that I say love is way more important more important ok than money ok money is evil ok love is greater

  • Love is more important.

    You could make all the money in the world, but if you do not have people who love you in your life, there is almost no reason to be happy. You cannot simply rely on materials and stay to yourself all the time. It gets very lonely and depressing. Love reigns supreme.

  • I think love is more important.

    I believe that love is more important. I could have all the money in the world but I would be unhappy if I never again could have love. When I have love, I might think about wanting and needing more money, but I can still be happy in its absence.

  • Love is more important.

    I believe that love is more important than money. While money is able to buy a lot of things for you that can make you happier in life, the thing that makes you most happy is love. This is proved by people who are married live longer then those who are not.

  • Love Over Money

    I believe love is more important that money. Money can't buy everything and I really don't have much faith in money. Money can bring the worst out in people, especially those that are always concerned about obtaining more. Those that are never wealthy enough do a lot to harm society in the long run. Love can be had by anyone, therefore to me, it is far more important.

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