Do you believe more doctors should practice complementary and alternative medicine?

  • Yes, this should be standard.

    It is happening more and more often, but western medicine really needs to take into account the wisdom of the east and other cultures before prescribing a course of action for a disease. Western doctors should be utilizing the best of alternative medicine which is why it is called complimentary.

  • Doctors should practice alternative medicine

    These days, when there are constantly new technologies and techniques available to doctors, they need to be able to adapt quickly and accurately to a number of changing situations. This means that doctors could also benefit from considering complementary and alternative forms of medicine, with beneficial outcomes for their patients.

  • There is a balance.

    No, I do not believe that more doctors should practice complementary and alternative medicine, because as it is, there is a good balance between doctors who practice western medicine, and those who practice alternative medicine. A person who is seeking a specific type of treatment can seek out the doctor that they want.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe doctors should practice more complementary and alternative medicines. Doctors in the United States go to college for years to learn about treatments that are scientifically proven. That is the type of treatment they should offer. We should allow other people to offer complementary and alternative medicines since there is less education needed in these fields.

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