• Harming humanity with fast food

    The fast food industry is a fast track to an unhealthy lifestyle of eating and bad habits. How many mommies introduce the McDonald French fries to their toddlers while picking up a Big Mac? How many times are people on any given day spotted driving down the road cramming a cheese burger or taco down their throats? These types of chains do not promote healthy living or eating a healthy lifestyle. They lure your kids with the play grounds, toys and throw in an apple or juice but most kids are still drinking pop, eating fries and cheese burgers more often a week then most employees of these places. I think these fast food chains would be less reckless if they didn't promote to children, got rid of the drive through and actually made us get out and get our food, had healthier choices and didn't have 10 different fast food restaurants within one shopping center. There is nothing wrong with going out for a quick bite but it should not be considered the fifth food group.

  • We need to eat healthier food in the USA.

    More harm is done by allowing fast food restaurants to operate. The food made in these restaurants is processed, greasy, and lacks nutrition. People need to go back to eating home-cooked food. We have a lot of obesity and psychological problems in the United States because people are eating non-nutritives that zap their energy.

  • Harm is done by allowing fast food restaurants to operate.

    Fast food restaurants provide people with convenient meals in a fast paced world. Unfortunately, they also serve food that negatively impacts people's health. Many people are aware that fast food is unhealthy, but they are not aware of the vast consequences it has on their overall health. Therefore, by being allowed to operate, fast food restaurants are harming the health of the general public.

  • People buy it

    No, no harm is done by people going and buying food at fast food restaurant. The harm comes when people buy to much of the food, and do not control what they eat. It is not fast food that makes people obese, it is the people that eat to much.

  • No we are making a choice

    There is no harm in allowing fast food restaurants to operate. They are not forcing us to eat things. If people don't want fast food don't eat it. It will put them out of business then that way. That is not going to happen though because people want to eat fast food and should have that right.

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