• More harm than good is accomplished with drone attacks.

    It is my opinion that drone attacks are not overall beneficial. They are harmful. They allow the drone operator to distance himself and his humanity from the task of destroying human life. That should not happen. A person needs to be grounded fully in the reality of what he is doing when his actions can affect life or death.

  • There isn't enough accountability.

    If drone strikes were perfect and accurate they might do a lot of good. Unfortunately, they are not. Drone strikes have a tendency to kill the wrong people and harm innocent lives. When a drone strike accidentally takes out the wrong person there is no accountability for that action. Every time this happens in only further inflames the situation that we ar trying to quell.

  • Inaccurate & Inhuman

    I believe more harm is generally done when drone attacks are used. I do not believe drone attacks are a good replacement for military missions. I believe American drones have been responsible for a lot of civilian deaths. I believe they've attacked a lot of women and children. These problems can't be ignored because it involves a drone.

  • believe more harm

    I personally agree, We are a country that prides itself on its efficient, well-run military and upholding the laws of war.
    Every time a drone strike kills a terrorist, it kills dozens of innocent civilians with it. People, and children especially, who witness these attacks and are personally affected by it, are now extremely resentful towards the U.S. They don't care that a terrorist was killed, they care that an American drone killed their family members or friends, and caused huge amounts of destruction to their neighborhood.

  • Depends on which side you are on

    The answer to this question is based on which side you are on at the time of the attack. If you are the one that is doing the attacking, then the drone is doing more good. This is because if it shot down or destroyed there is no one on board to die. On the other end of the coin if you are the one that is being attacked, some that are not involved in the conflict may be wounded or killed.

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