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  • It is complicated

    It's not cut and dry either genes cause the behavior to happen 100% of the time or it's 100% environmental. You could have a gene that will lead to X outcome but only if Y happens and then only if Z doesn't happen but then it will still happen if A happens, and so on and so forth. You could even have a gene that will lead to a well-adjusted highly intelligent productive member of society under some circumstances and a deranged psychopath under completely different circumstances.

  • Scientific studie show that most problems are enviromental

    Concerning behavior problems, only 20% can be blamed on prior genetic predisposition, according to recent Scientific and medical studies. The human mind is part of a larger working system that obviously has already determined flaws and possible handicaps.However, behavior is 80% caused by the experiences and situations one is exposed to growing up and the reaction one has to that.

  • Not most, just a few.

    Nope. I'm willing to agree that some behavior problems are caused by genetics. However, the vast majority of such problems are caused by children not being disciplined by their parents in a consistent manner. For the rare case where it's not a discipline problem, medication is likely needed to address the problem.

  • No, it's case to case

    I do not think most behavioral problems are caused by genetics. I do think there are genetic predispositions in a lot of people, and that the environment from which you come has a lot to do with it, but as far as it being the main culprit--I highly doubt that.

  • Most behavior problems are caused by the environment.

    The classic argument of nature versus nurture continues. Unfortunately, there is no positive answer to the question. Most often though, the environment creates behavioral problems. Genetics can not be discounted, because it is proven that some chemical imbalances can be passed on genetically. However, most behavior problems can be directly linked to environmental factors.

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