Do you believe movies and films such as "Innocence of Muslims" fuel anti-American sentiment in foreign countries?

  • Anti American sentiment is being fueled

    Movies like Innocence of Muslims are ridiculous films that do not reflect the viewpoint of intelligent Americans. However, we live in a world where the vast majority of people are incredibly stupid. This is not exclusive to the United States, this also applies to foreign countries. Muslims who saw this video and were quick to condemn it were justified, but muslims generalizing against all americans because of this video are entirely unjustified.

  • Of Course They Do

    Americans need to realize that some people abhor their lifestyle. I live in this country and I hate the majority of the people here because they're self-seeking about everything. The veil of civility is thin and in my opinion, it's extremely thin within the United States. Films, like Innocence of Muslims, which directly attacks billions of peoples lifestyles obviously fuels anti-American sentiment and for good reason.

  • Now ask me if I think it should be stopped.

    There is no question that Innocence of Muslims makes Americans look bad to some foreign countries. It caused several protests and riots and hundreds of people were injured, some even killed. That being said I believe in freedom of speech. I think if people in many of these other countries were afforded that right than there would not be nearly as much ill will between our nations.

  • It doesn't because it is not an American film

    I think that the major mistake in thinking that the Innocence of Muslims would create anti-American sentiment is the fact that it was created by a Chrstian in Egypt. The fact that people around the world will feel anti-American sentiment towards it only lends to the fact that they probably felt that way about Americans to begin with and find ways to hate America even further no matter what they are watching.

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