Do you believe Napster's assertion that it is the '#1 music subscription service' despite competition from iTunes and Amazon?

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  • No, I don't believe Napster is number one.

    Napster is as outdated as myspace, and myspace is to Facebook as Napster is to iTunes. iTunes is so sucessful that I don't think anyone comes close except for Amazon. When a great empire falls it never returns to it's former glory. For an empire only falls is it is taken over.

  • No, not at all.

    Napster definitely is not the number one music subscription service. They disappeared for years, and then tried to make a comeback after iTunes and Amazon became more well known and popular than Napster ever was. Napster had its time, and that time ended. Many years ago, now. But they are doing well.

  • No, they need to state some facts

    I find it hard to believe that Napster is the #1 music subscription service. It seems like iTunes is used by almost every single person I know. Napster would need to show me some legitimate facts and figures for me to believe their claim. If they did, the numbers would probably be skewed in their favor.

  • Napster's competition has irrevocably changed the subscription dynamic online

    I disagree with the assertion that Napster is the #1 music subscription service online. Most of the new users of the technology online have gadgets that predispose them to using software and download platforms from the competiton, which would make it difficult to gain new subscribers. Their online presence isn't strong enough to pull people away from a service that comes pre-programmed into their hard drives.

  • No, I don't believe Napster's assertion that it is the number #1 music subscription service.

    I think the actual numbers for each service are misleading as much as possible for the different services in an effort to thwart competition, I don't believe overall that Napster has enough relevance in today's world that they are more popular then iTunes and Amazon, I think Apple iTunes probably wins out.

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