• Is it instrusive?

    When looking at advertising as a whole you have to ask your self that question is advertising all together intrusive, because there are a lot of advertising that is annoying, that bothers many people but they still advertise to get their item out there. Pretty much everything has to do with advertsing native or not.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, Native Advertising is intrusive and it demoralizes the Natives. Why should we allow this to happen nobody has been more ridiculed and embarrassed by non-natives we came and took away their property, we forced them to leave their land. They had it before we did we should still be governed by these people.

  • Native Advertising is only as intrusive as you want it to be

    Native Advertising can only be construed as being instrusive if you actually pay any attention to it! Hundreds of times a day, suggested posts appear on a Facebook or Twitter feed, but how many people actually pay any attention? Most simply carry on with whatever they were going to look at anyway. And if the suggested post actualyl relates to something they are interested in, it can only be a good thing to suggest it.

  • Native Advertising isn't intrusive, it gives us what we want

    I don't believe that native advertising is intrusive in the slightest. I think it's impressive that advertisers are learning exactly what will catch our eye, and naturally something that is moulded to the things we use regularly, or the things we find interesting, are more likely to draw us in. I know personally that I'm more likely to click on something that's put in a familiar setting, such as Instagram or Pinterest, than I am to click a regular advert that I'd normally skip over.

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