Do you believe needle exchange programs decrease (yes) or increase (no) intravenous drug use?

  • Yes, needle exchange programs decrease intravenous drug use.

    Yes, needle exchange programs decrease intravenous drug use becuase they are often staffed by experts who can help users find treatment. By encouraging users to come out of the shadows and into a safe place for the needle exchange, counselors can provide an environment that fosters help and healing. The needle exchange location gives the user a point at which to start his or her treatment and healing.

  • It does neither

    Needle exchange programs aren't really meant to decrease intravenous drug use. It may by giving people knowledge, Which could help people see the light. Needle exchange programs are more to allow people to go somewhere for safe practices. It saves the country lots of money by having people on scene, so all these drug users do not end up in the emergency room. Driving up health care costs.

  • These programs increase drug use.

    Needle exchange programs increase intravenous drug use. Although the government provides these needles to help prevent the spread of HIV, it is also helping users increase their habit. In addition, it might encourage new drug users. This is because someone who has a free needle from the government can give it to someone who has never used the drug before and then create a new addict.

  • Needled exchange programs increase drug use.

    I believe that needle exchange programs increase intravenous drug use because giving a needle to a drug addict is like giving candy to a child. They will use it even if they know they are not suppose to. Why encourage drug addicts? The needle exchange program need to be stopped.

  • No, it increases it

    i think the program just gives them an excuse to do more drugs,but if you are going to do them, use a clean needle. I know people will do what ever they want anyway, and with drugs your going to do them, and nobody is going to stop you, dirty needle and all.

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