• Needle exchanges help society.

    Needle exchanges help society by preventing the spread of diseases. Also, if addicts do not have the needles they need, they might resort to crime in order to obtain them. Although detractors might claim that these exchanges promote drug use, they are a necessary means to control the spread of disease. Addicts will continue to use, no matter the conditions.

  • Addicts are going to get their needles in one way or another.

    At least with a needle exchange an addict has a chance to get a clean needle.Sharing needles as we know can be dangerous. You can not cure Hepatitis C or HIV/ AIDS. I believe needle exchanges have saved countless people from getting diseases and death. No one really wants to be an addict. And hopefully a time would come in the addicts life where they want to clean up and it would be hard for them to know they had something that could possible be a death sentence.

  • They help us

    I think that needle changes do a lot of good to help out this society. I think that a lot of people see the effects that they have, and that they are good for a lot of people. We need to make sure that these changes are here to stay.

  • No, I do not believe needle exchanges help society

    I do not think that needle exchanges in general have the ability to help society. They hinder society based on the things that they do from the people that take full advantage of them. In the end I think we will find that most of the time needle exchanges hinder society.

  • No, needle exchanges do not help society.

    I think the idea of addicts being able to go to a place to get a clean needle in exchange for their used one to reduce the risks of contracting diseases do nothing to help society. I think all they do is give some people the ability to feel enabled in their vices.

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