• Yes, parents have profound influence.

    Parents raise us as they wish us to be, and when kids are overactive and overachieving, it is because their parents wish them to be so. They would no be such if their parents did not permit it, and certainly would not be such if their parents had a clue.

  • Yes, Children are Shaped by their Parents

    While a parent cannot be entirely responsible for a child's temperament, parents are the first and most influential forces in the lives of their children. By providing rules, boundaries, and routine, parents can imprint order and calm into their child's personality. For children who have conditions such as ADHD, the challenge to create order is larger, but parents ultimately have the responsibility to help their children by seeking out medication, therapy, and other remedies. If a child is consistently overactive and unable to comply with basic rules, there is likely an issue in their home which is affecting them in some way so that they do not have a stake in engaging in common social practices which are designed to keep order.

  • Yes I do.

    A negligent parent is to blame for an overactive child because that child obviously needs and craves more attention than what they are getting.They are acting out and trying to do anything they can to get the needed attention but the parent is not doing anything to help the situation.

  • They need attention.

    Yes, I believe that negligent parents are to blame for overactive children, because I have seen it with my own eyes. A child who does not get enough attention from their parent will act up in an effort to get attention. A child needs time with their parents, and they also need time to play and use up their energy.

  • Yes, negligent parents are to blame for overactive children.

    While I don't think all cases of overactive children can be blamed on the parents, I truly believe that a lot of parents neglect their children. In this day and age, more and more children are being neglected by their parents due to the availability of the Internet and smart phones.

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