Do you believe Neil DeGrasse Tyson's assertion that the generation of Millennials should be renamed the 'Exoplanet Generation'?

  • It's Mind Boggling

    A redefinition of a generation seems like something that is hardly needed or wanted. However, think of the implications of what that renaming would do! It would open our eyes to scientific discovery because before 1995 we didn't know that other planets outside of our own solar system existed! Seems pointless but yet it is such a different way of looking at our advancement. Renaming the generation puts the need to acknowledge scientific discovery at the forefront of our minds. What is our era of knowledge? We don't know anything anymore nor do we care. The redefinition will be sure to change that.

  • Since more young adults/children are becoming more aware of humanity's future, they may be more able and more willing to find ways to "exoplanet" ourselves.

    Death by neutron star? The clock started ticking yesterday!
    Having the increased amount of brilliant children, coming from smart parents and adults, take charge of the world and encourage more people to become adept in science, space, and technological diciplines, maybe we can get somewhere and avoid dooming ourselves on Earth.

    Here we are, letting more than half of the world sit on their butt stare at their emails or ache on their feet working really, really hard to serve these people. Why don't we work smarter?
    From the looks of the market and the recent achievements of our youth, more and more millennials are starting to "get it."

    Instead of complaining about how stupid they are, we could guide them in the right direction and prevent ourselves from facing bigger inconveniences in the far future.

  • Yes, I agree with Neil DeGrasse Tyson's assertion that the current generation should be named the "Exoplanet Generation".

    I think the current generation will indeed develop the necessary technology and have the sufficient resources to visit other planets in our solar system with probes and possibly even humans, I think at the rate our technology is developing that there is a very good chance that it happens with the next few decades.

  • More pointless drivel from the media appointed pope of 'science'

    No. Millennials should not be renamed to the exoplanet generation. Why? Because, for millenials ,'space' (if they are even aware of it in the first place) is just something to hang a satellite in to allow them to send their misspelled texts, social media posts and other mindless drivel across the internet. They should be renamed to something that more appropriately reflects their entitled, whiny, marshmallow nature.
    A member of Generation X

  • Doesn't make sense

    It doesn't really make sense why it would be such a big deal to call them the Exoplanet Generation. I do not think that the fact that they were born after a date where they found the first planet outside our solar system is really that big of an indicator.

  • Millennials should not be renamed exoplanet generation

    The Millenials should not be renamed. The term "exoplanet" refers to a planet that is outside the borders of what is typically accepted as the limits of a solar system. This implies that the rest of the generations are within the solar system, and the millenials are not. I would disagree with this implication since the millenials are under the same environment that the rest are. Yes, they face challenges unlike any other generation has, but every generation has done this. That is why we have distinctions between generations.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not support Neil DeGrasse Tyson's assertion that the generation of Millennial should be renamed the 'Exoplanet Generation.' I believe the current title is fitting and the suggested title does not. There's no reason to change the term because doing so would simply confuse people who use this terminology.

  • No, I do not agree with Neil Degrasse Tyson's belief that Millenials should be renamed.

    I do not agree with Neil DeGrasse Tyson's assertion that the generation of Millenials should be renamed the "Exoplanet Generation". I do not believe that there is a need to change the name "Millenials" to something that I think sounds even sillier. I think that there isn't even a need for a term.

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