Do you believe Nicki Minaj owes her former hairdresser millions for wigs?

  • former hairdresser millions

    I personally agree, Aiming for a hefty $30 million in compensation, Davidson has filed a federal lawsuit against his former client and business partner, seeking to attain recompense for his stolen intellectual property and lost profits from Minaj’s sales of his unique wig designs.Considering Nicki Minaj owes much of her unique image to her decidedly wacky hairpieces, which were worn for the rapper’s music video for her song “Super Bass”, at media appearances, and for an MTV Video Music Awards pre show, it comes as little surprise that Christopher Chestnut, an attorney for Davidson, claims that a $30 million compensation for losses is fair game.

  • Yes, those wigs are disgustingly overpriced.

    I can imagine Nicki Minaj would spent a lot of money of stuff like that. She wastes her talent anyway, so why not just waste her money away. I can also imagine her owing her hairdresser millions because she is probably a jerk and an absolute nuisance in real life.

  • Yes, Nicki Minaj owes for what she used

    Nicki Minaj should pay her former hairdresser for any products that were used. The hairdresser needs to get compensated for her work and products. Being a celebrity should not allow for excemptions or allow someone to take advantage of someones work. If the hairdresser has proof of what she provided then there's not question that she should get paid.

  • Nicki Minaj Wigs

    I personally think that rapper and former American Idol judge Nicki Minaj was sued this past Friday over the alleged theft of intellectual property. Terrence Davidson, who had designed many of Minaj’s trademark wigs as her hairdresser since early 2010, claims that Minaj had walked away from business plans with him instead choosing to market the wigs he had designed for the rapper as part of her own line of wigs

  • She didn't steal designs.

    No, I do not believe that Nicki Minaj owes her former hairdresser millions for wigs, because there is not enough proof that she stole the hairdresser's designs. The wigs are not all that unique. Lots of people wear nice wigs that have creative designs. Also, the value of the wigs cannot possibly be in the millions.

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