Do you believe no man's sky will be a good player vs player game

Asked by: DInoworld112
  • To an extent

    No man's sky is a huge game, with an almost infinite universe for players to explore and enjoy, the chances of stumbling across someone else marauding across the galaxy is so low that an encounter would mean that the players would rejoice in meeting another. Should a player be hostile (I wouldn't understand why), the fight in between the two would be huge, all of the weapons available would be brought to bare. (This is because the game is so punishing hen you die, both sides would fight tooth and nail just to win.) But the most likely scenario is that when you stumble across another player, it would be like falling across another human in a vast desert. You would end up sticking together and forming a large friendship, all due to the scale of this game.

  • No thank you

    Even though they have said the chances of running into another player is really rare I think its not something that will be a positive thing for the game but then again I could just play offline might just do that or maybe I wont when the game arrives I'll just have to see what others think.

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