• More Than Likely

    I believe it is likely that noise pollution is harmful to human hearing since there are very few natural sources of noise pollution. Unfortunately, this is the side effect of living in urban environments. If people have a problem with it, they should seek residence elsewhere, rather than trying to stop the noise pollution.

  • Yes, noise pollution can harm hearing

    Noise pollution can harm a person's hearing. Exposure to loud noises over long periods of time has been shown to irreparably damage a person's hearing. Teens who listen to very loud music are in danger of losing their hearing totally or losing a portion of it. Workers in factories or other workplaces with constant loud noise are also at risk. Ear plugs should be used in areas where excessive noise is a common problem.

  • Yes, noise pollution can be harmful to human hearing.

    Any consistent noise can be damaging to human hearing if it is loud enough. No one doubts that living under an airport will eventually cause hearing damage. There are other levels of noise pollution that are less likely to cause hearing damage. Automobile traffic will not cause hearing damage if you live on the 15th floor, though it could still be an annoyance.

  • If it's too loud.

    Yes, I believe that noise pollution is harmful to human hearing, because at very high levels of noise, there is damage to the ear. A person who is at a loud party will come home shouting from the noise. That is because their ears have already become less sensitive to the noise that is around them.

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