• No they are not

    Possibly so that they are allowing Dennis Rodman into the country to coach their basketball team. Which could be a good or a bad thing. Now if he could do some foreign policy exchanges with them. The only person been able to enter into N. Korea was Dennis Rodamn in years.

  • Yes, I believe North Korea is changing.

    Not too long ago, Kim Jong-un was constantly threatening South Korea and the United States on a daily basis. Each day brought a new tirade full of accusations. He paraded his military and made the world aware that he was on full alert. It appears things have calmed down over the last several months. Kim Jong-un appears to have matured.

  • North Korea is changing for the worst.

    North Korea has gotten even more deadly since the passing of Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Un, the son, is one of the most barbaric leaders the world has ever seen. He is more charming and looks friendlier on the surface, but there has been nothing but hell in that country since he took the reigns.

  • North Korea as bad as it always was

    I don't believe North Koreas is changing. Their regime is just as brutal now as it was in the past. The current leader has the same ruling style as his father and is carrying out the same type of actions that his father did, such as executing people for suspectedly trying to overthrow the government without proof.

  • No, unless for the worse.

    North Korea is a sad state of affairs and if there was supposed to be some change happening with the new and younger ruler, it has only been change for the worse. The regime that he heads is a horribly corrupt one and the people in that country still live in a repressed way and devoid of most modern conveniences or even basic good food and shelter.

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