• Obama should have been elected for a second term.

    Obama should have been elected for a second term. He has proved that he is a great President and can lead in a way that we have not seen. I think we made a very wise choice by electing him President for the second term. It will be sad to see him leave the office.

  • The Best Option

    President Obama has been pushing positive reform that will evolve into works that are very beneficial to the American people. The health care initiative alone is amazing in the fairness that it brings to the American worker when it comes to their own health. His leadership has been strong, and he has paved many roads that will lead to great things

  • He was the best that was offered.

    All the Republican nominees were pretty much jokes, except for Jon Huntsman, who I think should of been the Republican nomination. That would of been a close election between Obama and him. Ron Paul was respectable, but is to much of a libertarian and that scares people. Mitt Romney lost the election because his way of thinking could be the poster cover of why the 2008 crash happened. Obama was the best of who was out there.

  • Yes, I believe Obama should have been elected for a second term.

    Obama still had the vast majority of public support after his first term in office and the Republicans put up a candidate that they knew had a very chance of actually being able to win the election, Obama was always a very talented campaigner and ran his campaign successfully enough to win a second term.

  • No second term deserved

    President Obama should of not been elected for a second term for many reasons. The health care law that passed is the first reason he should not of been reflected. The Libya scandal is another reason he should not of been reelected. He lies about policies that he likes but does not want the public know he supports.

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