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  • I do not believe Occupy Wall Street achieved their goals.

    I do not believe that Occupy Wall Street has achieved their goals.One of their main goals was to influence a redistribution of wealth.If anything it is worse than it has ever been before when it comes to the difference between the poor and rich.On the other hand it has brought awareness to the issue.

  • The movement was largely a failure.

    I think very few, including those who made up Occupy Wall Street, would argue that it accomplished its goals. The 'system' that they protested against remains intact and stronger than ever, whereas the OWS protest movement has completely vanished and for the most part been completely forgotten. Thus OWS definitely did not achieve its goals.

  • No, they didn't.

    Occupy Wall Street started off as one of the most noble causes I have ever seen and was a good idea. The police reacted terribly to it. Aside from that, there wasn't enough good leadership and it was too loosely organized. Also, there was crime taking place within the movement, which tainted it all.

  • No They Didn't

    I do not believe Occupy Wall Street achieved their goals. I believe they strong armed out of their stance and they weren't allowed to continue their protests. To me, this was a move in the wrong direction as it less likely that groups will be allowed to protest, as we've been allowed to in the past.

  • No, I don't think Occupy Wall Street achieved their goals.

    I believe that Occupy Wall Street made a big splash in the media and was well known across the nation but they failed to organized into anything of substance to push any type of legislation or regulations, so in the end very little was accomplished and overall I would consider the movement a failure.

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