• Offshore drilling should be legal

    It is my opinion that offshore drilling should be legal because it creates less of an environmental impact that on-shore drilling, and it provides an adequate amount of oil in the process. Strict measure should be taken to prevent any type of oil spill in the ocean, but the process itself should remain legal.

  • Only with provisions

    I think that we do need more offshore drilling, but it needs to be safe and then the companies need to be required to spend some of their profits on helping to create new technologies that will help with spills when they happen. Companies also need to be responsible for clean up.

  • Yes, but only if done safely.

    I believe that we need offshore drilling. Our quest for energy independence from the oil producing countries of the Middle East demands it. But I also believe that if we're going to pursue this, we should also stimulate development of greater safety. The damage done during offshore oil leaks can last for centuries.

  • No, it should be illegal.

    It is very dangerous to pollute our waters and to risk the potential of polluting our waters severely. This would cause fish to die, people to die, and to lose other natural resources the water has to offer. We should be protecting our water, not polluting it with dangerous chemicals.

  • We Shouldn't Drill

    I honestly believe offshore drilling should be illegal. We've had too many incidents with oil spills due to the lack of safety and inspection checks. Companies have proven their inability to actually take care of things they way they are suppose to and the way that prevents these accidents. Oil is a finite resource, we will run out of it. I think we're better off to transition sooner, rather than later. Lastly, our oil companies and oil barons have been manipulating the market place for too long just to win favor for their environmentally dangerous practices.

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