• Got It From Your Ancestors

    I do believe that bigotry is a natural self-defense mechanism of humans. I believe we should work to eliminate this mechanism because it no longer serves us. If you consider our ancestors pre-civilization, people who looked different would have been a threat, more than likely, just as a predatory would have been a threat. Now that the world is global community this mechanism no longer works for us, it workd against us.

  • Bigotry is a part of self-defense psychologically.

    One of humans' natural self-defense mechanisms is bigotry. This is because we want the things we identify with to be ultimately successful, and in a competitive world without endless supplies, we need to somehow keep them for ourselves. Drawing the lines with other, even through bigotry is a way to defend oneself psychologically from running out of resources.

  • And other things

    People have a large number of natural defenses against danger and fear, and bigotry is simply one of them. People are terrified of people outside of their own groups that don't look at all like the people they know, and people have cognitive biases against people with views different than theirs.

  • I do not

    No, I do not think that one of the natural self defense mechanisms of humans is bigotry. I think that the natural self defense mechanisms of humans is set off during the flight or fight instinct, and our natural instincts are to run or fight to save ourselves from threats.

  • Bigotry Is Not Natural and Creates More Harm Than Good

    Bigotry is a mentally developed and ego fueled sense of superiority to other human beings, their opinions and their belief systems, and not an inherent self-defense mechanism to protect people from physical harm. Bigotry actually creates emotional harm by somehow insisting that gender, skin color,
    creed, or nationality in some fashion makes one human being superior or more intelligent to
    another. Society perpetuates bigotry from generation to generation and rather
    than protecting themselves from harms, creates an environment of hatred that
    actually causes situations where humans are harmed and even killed because of
    their bigotry.

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